Track Him Online

An ever-increasing number of people are wondering if a husband is having an affair. You might be wondering if your husband or wife is cheating on you or you could be concerned for a friend. In today's world, adultery is becoming common and even accepted, especially with websites existing solely to bring people together for affairs. On such websites, people actually advertise themselves as wanting to have an affair because they are unhappy in their marriage or are sexual addicts.

I realize that you may be in some degree of fear, frustration or sorrow as you read this article. For that, I offer my deepest sympathy. I can, however, offer the following information as a tool for you to use in determining the likelihood of whether or not a spouse is cheating. It might require some detective work on your part, but knowing if your spouse is being unfaithful to you is worth the work.

Phone Usage and Typical Patterns of Cheating Husbands

If you already think your spouse is having an affair, you should add an item to your list of clues if you notice that your spouse turns off his/her cell phone when with you or leaves the room when taking or making calls. He/she might even become angry if you answer their cell phone. Check the cell phone bill for calls made. Often times these calls are in the morning of the evening while your husband/wife is driving to and from work. The only good thing about a cell phone bill is that it lists all the calls made in a billing cycle. Most cheaters consider a cell phone to be a necessity because it allows them to make calls while driving and away from home, but if he or she does not have one, you might want to buy them one just so you can track their calls.

Another detail to examine on a cell phone bill would be extremely long calls. Sometimes such calls can be for business matters, but if your spouse is in a profession that doesn't require a great deal of cell phone use, or if the cell phone use has increased for no apparent reason, you have logical reason to be suspicious.

Also take note if you receive an unusual amount of wrong number or hang up calls to your home phone and especially if you notice his or her cell phone ring immediately after someone hung up when you answered. Your spouse may also occasionally hang up suddenly when you enter the home or a room.

The Computer: An Ally and an Enemy

The computer can be a tool for a cheating spouse, but can act as a double agent in that it can serve to catch the adulterous person as well. Software exists to collect, save and report all activity on a computer. This software, called key logger software can be found around the Internet. One piece of software that I highly recommend is called BSafe Online because of their proven track record and my own experiences with them. The software also includes pornography filters, virus protection and other valuable tools that will aid you in your investigation.

Computer Behavior of a Cheater

Cheaters will delete their Internet history if they know how (most do). If you notice that history has been deleted when you are certain the suspect has been online, your spouse is hiding something. Another clue is if he or she demands privacy when on a computer and often closes a screen when you "accidently" walk in. This may also tell you that your spouse is viewing pornography which in my opinion is digital adultery.

If you notice that your spouse loses interest in sex after being on the computer, it could be that he or she has masturbated with an online sex partner or from viewing pornography. So if your spouse usually has a healthy and active attitude towards sex except after a lengthy computer session, the math might be laid out for you that he or she has found another outlet.