How Relationship Affair Can Be Caught

Do you know someone who is having an affair? Have you ever had, or considered having, an affair yourself? Why is it that so many people are cheating on their partners? What is it that makes someone want to cheat on his or her partner?

Affairs are not always premeditated; sometimes they just happen. Affairs can happen almost anywhere. They happen with people you meet at work, people you meet at the gym, or people you meet at the local bar. They can happen with people you have known for years, or with someone you have just met. The nagging question in my mind is, "Why do affairs happen at all?"

I am sure you have all been at a social gathering, like the office Christmas party, where the wine is flowing freely, people are flirting with one another, and everyone is having a grand old time. With this freely flowing alcohol, everyone is feeling great after that third or fourth drink, when all of a sudden, the flirting gets a little out of hand. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, two co-workers end up in bed together. It could be just a one-night stand, or it could be the beginning of an affair.

Another scenario: your partner is out of town and has been doing continuous business travel for several months. One night, one of your mutual friends drops by, out of the blue, and you invite them in for a drink. You are feeling lonely and welcome the company of this member of the opposite sex. Some flirtation occurs during the evening, and before you know it, one thing leads to the next, and you are having sex with this person.

Most of us have witnessed affairs among people we know, and some of us even have had affairs ourselves. This kind of thing happens in the real world, and it happens all the time. Every time it happens, it happens for a reason.

Relationship or marriage recovering from an affair?

You need to:

  • Affair-proof your relationship/marriage
  • Stop feeling bad, angry, disconnected
  • Reconnect with your partner
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Rebuild true trust in yourself, your partner and your relationship
  • Regain your equilibrium, footing and security
  • Master your relationship/marriage and its triggers
  • Be happy again