How And Online Affair Can Be Caught

Is an Online Affair Cheating?

Online affairs are actually a form of emotional infidelity. Although in the early stages, thereís no sex involved, most emotional infidelity eventually leads to sexual infidelity if left unchecked . But men and women view online affairs very differently.

Most men donít consider online affairs as cheating. However women view them quite differently. A survey in Divorce Magazine found that only 46 percent of men considered intense internet relationships to be infidelity, compared to 72 percent of women.

Are Online Affairs Serious?

Many people question whether or not online affairs should be taken seriously -- especially, if thereís no sex involved. A online affair is a VERY serious threat. A online affair should be treated as seriously as a sexual affair, because left unchecked, thatís where it will eventually end up.

In the past 10 years, divorce attorneys have reported seeing an increase in divorces and separations resulting from online infidelity. According to the Fortino Group, one-third of divorce litigation is caused by online affairs.

It doesnít take much for a online affair to make the transition from onlinespace to the real world. Several studies have found close connections between online affairs and subsequent sexual affairs.

  • According to statistics, 50% of people who engage in internet chats have made phone contact with someone they chatted with online.
  • One study found that 30 % of online-affairs escalate from e-mail to telephone calls to personal contact.
  • Another study found that 31% of people had an online conversation which eventually led to real-time sex.

So donít make the mistake of underestimating a online affair.