There are many reasons not to spy on your spouse. Sadly, there are also many situations where I agree it is necessary. I chose not to spy, to respect her privacy. My wife left before I ever had the chance to save my marriage.

How To Get Proof That They Are Cheating

If you suspect you have a cheater on your hands and they deny that any affair is going on, you may need undisputable proof to bring the issue out into the open. There are different ways that cheaters cheat and there are different methods to catch them in the act.

If you have an internet cheater, try downloading a PC monitoring program like FYI-Spy. It runs silently in the background and will record everything they do on the web. If you cannot install software, use a KeyCatcher, like FYI-Spy, to record all keystrokes. It cannot be detected by any anti-spy or anti adware software.

If your cheater is having a real life affair, use a phone recorder or GPS vehicle tracker. These devices are low cost and are easy to use.

There is no escaping it - finding out that your wife or husband has cheated on you is not only shocking but incredibly traumatic. Even if your relationship or marriage has been admittedly troubled, it's still a devastating blow to discover that your spouse has been unfaithful to you by being intimate with someone else. Even knowing that infidelity statistics show that almost half or married men and women cheat on their respective spouses, does little to lessen the pain of being betrayed.

No doubt, it's infuriating to find out that all the time you spent years trying to make your relationship or marriage work. Maybe you have been to marriage counseling but it didn't mean a thing because your spouse was involved (or having an extramarital affair) with someone else. And perhaps you were wondering, "what is wrong?" or "could I be doing more?" Perhaps you even blamed yourself for all of the relationship's failings.

If you are like most people, you probably weren't able to bring yourself to consider that, "maybe there was someone else!" - or worse yet - "maybe my husband or wife is having an extramarital affair" However, now that you are faced with the proof of the extramarital affair and accepted the fact that you are now an infidelity statistic, you can no longer deny or ignore the painful truth that your spouse has been unfaithful to you.

Right now, you may feel that the only choice you have is between accepting things the way they are or ending your relationship once and for all. Rest assured - you are not alone in your feelings brought on by the infidelity. There are thousands of people who are just like you - whose relationships have been impacted by infidelity - who are in the exact same spot as you right now. Afterall, it's hard to feel good about yourself when you've been dealt such a terrible blow by finding out about the extramarital affair. It's difficult to make important decisions when you are emotionally distraught and unclear about what happened or what to do.