5 Warning Signs Of A Cheating Husband

1. Boredom with the Family

If your husband exhibits boredom with things pertaining to your family, it could be a sign that he could be seeing someone else or is in a greater risk of doing so.

2. Decreased Intimacy

If in the past you used to share everything with your husband and then suddenly he seems distanced and clams up when you try to discuss intimate things, it could mean that he has already distanced himself emotionally and mentally from you. Ask whether this is the case and dig for the cause of this estrangement.

Some husbands suddenly lose interest in doing anything with their wives – another testament to an increased estrangement.

3. He Gets Testy at the Mention of Infidelity

Men easily lose their tops whenever they are frustrated about something they seriously want – or want hidden. If you suddenly hint about infidelity, and he is trying his darndest to keep you off the know, then he is sure to blow his top at the mere mention of cheating.

This is one sign that he may be actually hiding something from you – or is trying really hard not to cheat. You will have to look hard into this.

4. He Stays Later At Work

Yes, overtime is a workplace reality. However, if he is spending more time than usual at work and sometimes beyond the usual overtime period, you may have sufficient cause for alarm.

This is doubly true if his credit statement suddenly has entries that are hard to explain or are plain dubious. You should look into these if you feel that there is something he should explain.

5. He's Paranoid About Computer Privacy

Anyone can have a cyber-affair. It's more common than you think and the trend is growing. Does he have a seperate login for you and him? Is he always changing his password? Has he moved the computer to an office or den?

You may want to examine his computer time more closely. There is software availabel to track his every move.

Here are some more warning signs of a cheating spouse.

  • Your spouse seems bored. Bored with you, with job, with kids, with hobbies, with life in general.
  • Your spouse seems to want danger or thrills in his/her life.
  • There is considerably less intimacy in your relationship. Your sex life is practically non-existent.
  • Your spouse has a low self-esteem.
  • You notice your spouse has a sense of confusion about self.
  • You spouse has become lazy, especially around the house.
  • You can't get your spouse to communicate with you.
  • Your spouse gets very defensive if you mention infidelity or affairs.
  • Your spouse is suddenly more attentive than usual.
  • Your mate is working longer hours at work.
  • Your spouse is dressing nicer, looking nicer.
  • You notice charges on credit card statement that don't make sense.
  • Your spouse is indifferent to family events like birthdays and holidays.
  • You find your partner has been lying to you about a variety of things.
  • Money becomes more of an issue between the two of you.
  • He/she doesn't want to go anywhere or do anything with you anymore.
  • You can't even get your mate to fight with you.
  • You feel as if you are being avoided.
  • Your partner abandons religious faith.
  • Your spouse seems more secretive.